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Default Re: Raps Forum Keeper League Season Six

Originally Posted by RapsFan
It's funny how you are commenting on Jennings for Curry as it was an 1 for 1 deal.

It's more funny that you think Jennings = Curry

and as for your suggestion, what's the point of a keeper league if the teams at the bottom can't look towards next year?

it just isn't fair when Durant, Paul, and Lebron are kept year after year.

I have been saying that. Guys like Lebron, Durant, etc. won't be in the drafting pool until they're done/out. There is no strategy involved in keeping Durant, because you know none of the other top guys will be available.

The deal with Love, I got 2 guys that play basically 22 mins a night. Teague before the last couple of games was basically a corpse on the floor.

You traded him Love (could be gone for upto 2 months), Henderson (borderline waiver) and Seraphin (waiver pick up)


Jeff Teague (32.4mpg)
Anthony Davis (29.5mpg)
Robin Lopez (26mpg)

exactly who from this bunch plays 22 mpg?

Also, FC didn't lose any games with Counsins. It was vetoed and he gained a few freebies while waiting to find out how to reverse it.
lost 2 monster games because of matchups. Reversed, because you needed reason to rig it. There is/was so many lies/assumptions that were made during that whole ordeal...
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