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Default Re: Question about a possible Gasol for Josh Smith trade

Originally Posted by DKLaker
I'm not sure how he is supposed to fit in 'Antoni's system.....he doesn't shoot well and is terrible at the line too.

You are right to be concerned over those things.

You know I've always been a proponent of JSmith coming here.
I think he would help by getting transition baskets, but he would be reigned in at shooting as much as he does now. He is a GREAT defender, and can guard multiple positions.

Also, I think if he's given a long term deal, he will be willing to reign it in a little on offense. Cant blame the guy now, he's playing for a contract.
Also, getting him and locking him up makes Dwight staying more likely.

I don't think ATL wants Pau though. They want youth and flexibility.
3 way deal:

Minny- Pau
ATL- Pek, DWilliams
Lakers-JSmith, Barea

Barea and Williams are very movable for the Wolves, and great as Pek has been, I seriously doubt Minny wants to give him a max, Hibbert like deal in the offseason (he is a FA). That would tie their hands big time and they need flexibility to keep their Love/Rubio core in place down the road.
Also, Adelman loves Gasol, and Pau would be great in that system.

Also, pry one of Atlanta's expirings away, like Morrow, and send him and Duhon (buy out next season) to Washington for my boy Trevor Ariza.

The Wiz would dump Ariza for cap relief. He is playing behind Webster since his injury and he's not part of their plans. Trev can guard all 3 perimeter positions, including PG's (remember how he shut down CP3 in the 09 playoffs).

We need that perimeter defender like Trev. Look how good we've been since Kobe stepped it up on D. Trev could come in and just play D. Also, imagine having the Trev/Kobe combo for the likes of CP3, Parker, Westbrook, and the Ariza/JSmith/MWP trio to work the likes of Durant and Bron.

As you have always said DK, "Defense wins Chips", and I couldn't agree more!
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