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Default Re: Scott Howard Cooper says it will be a close call for Lee

You can relax because this idiot fails to realize that Tim Duncan plays CENTER.

Marc Gasol is going to have a tough time making it. His stats aren't as good as he is and people are deluded into thinking Randolph has been better. Hopefully, Howard takes the week off and Gasol makes it.

I don't know if LMA makes it.

C: Dwight Howard, Tim Duncan (Marc Gasol)
PF: Blake Griffin, David Lee, Zach Randolph (LaMarcus Aldridge)
SF: Kevin Durant
SG: Kobe Bryant, James Harden
PG: Chris Paul, Tony Parker, Russell Westbrook

I feel like Curry will make it and not play, therefore getting the selection and then someone else replaces him. Actually, I wouldn't be surprised if Lee gets in that way...and that wouldn't be a slight on Lee but just a way to credit to Curry, if he's out for a while.
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