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Default Are Net fans still waiting on Dwight Howard? Serious question....

This morning on twitter Evan Roberts posted a possible Dwight Howard trade to get him to the Nets. I rolled my eyes and he told me Dwight's value is low so it's possible.

Essentially it would require the Lakers blowing up their team to rebuild around Brook Lopez, or another piece to acquire Howard. Which strikes me as unlikely (especially with the Lakers, it's counter to how they run their business). But he's almost insisting. When i go to Nets games the people around me were talking about how good Lopez was playing, now they can trade him for Howard.

Is this still actually something Net fans have in the back of their mind, or have you moved on? With the S&T no longer an option i think it's ridiculous (they'd need to send him to the Nets in the next few weeks). But i get the feeling i'm in the minority.
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