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Default Re: My Gripe with Tyson Chandler

Originally Posted by Rameek
Franchise please read my post again. You've missed the point! One guy cannot out rebound 2 or 3!
You ma it seem liek he's out there battling and everyone else is standing around. He doesnt box out. All he wants to do is tap the ball.

So now that he has averaged double digit boards as a Knick, now we have to criticize the break down of how he gets them?

Who cares fam, seriously?

I do. I care much more about defensive rebounding than offensive rebounding. Besides, the offensive rebounds come mostly from put backs in which Chandler's man left him wide open to help out.

Either way, as long as Chandler is giving us 11-12 a game, I'm good. But Im not gonna lie to myself and say I'm satisfied with Chandler's play just because he's a crowd favorite. I'm sorry. When he plays well, I give him his props. When he stinks it up, I call it like I see it. I don't get why it's ok to do it for Melo and Amare but when it comes to everyone else it's like Their off limits.
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