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Default Re: There is no team that can beat Miami in a 7 series

Why do people continue to fall for the "depth" crap ?? Depth means nothing in the playoffs. We see it every year how benches shorten in the postseason. In the playoffs you have 2 and 3 days off between games. Stars play more minutes. Miami's defense is too suffocating and they have it down to a science now after spending all that time in the system. They have another gear and can go to it whenever they want to to punish you defensively. The Heat are just a dominant defensive team when they hit that gear and no team can answer it. We just saw it two nights in a row on a west coast swing. Lakers couldn't get a single good shot off and had zero field goals in the final 2:30 when Miami turned it up a notch defensively.

The Heat had no problem hitting that lockdown gear while traveling on the road, on a back to back night, on the opposite coast, with no rest. In the playoffs they will have plenty of rest between games, and between series' (when sometimes you have 4 and 5 days off in between series).

The Heat own the NBA and there's nothing anyone can do about it.


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