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Default Re: It needs to be discussed. Manning and his shortcomings

Originally Posted by Carbine
.....and here is what happened since that voting

Peyton Manning:

3 first team all pro selections
1 MVP (possibly 2)
Superbowl Appearance

Tom Brady:

1 All Pro team
Superbowl Appearance
Well that's not true. The vote happened after the Colts/Pats game in November of 2009. Manning was 1st team all-pro in 2009, and 2012. That would be 2 first team all pro selections. Not that accolades truly mean much besides the opinion of writers who have their own biases.

I enjoyed that quote from Tarkenton. I also enjoyed these from earlier this year.

God, they look the same. But they’re not. I saw Peyton do things against the Falcons I’ve never seen him do before. He threw into coverage, he looked like he was confused and didn’t quite have the arm strength. Brady hasn’t looked like Brady in two years. And that’s what happens.”

Tarkenton goes onto talk about how quarterbacks are playing at a younger age these days specifically mentioning Robert Griffin II, Andrew Luck, Russell Wilson and our very own Christian Ponder who Tarkenton believes “will be a star in this league.”

Don't forget these quotes from that article.

Warren Moon said that two years ago he might have said Brady, but now he must factor in the reconstructive knee surgery

Kelly’s reasoning: “Before this season I would’ve gone with Brady, but he’s coming back from a major injury. Tom in his prime, it gets no better

Sonny Jurgensen said he was very conflicted about whom to pick due to his longstanding relationship with the Manning family, and ultimately he couldn’t go against Peyton.

or how bout the quotes from the senile old men

Then there's Clarence (Ace) Parker, who at 97, is the oldest living member of the Hall of Fame. We spoke to him with the help of his longtime friend, Buddy Lex. Although golf is a little more Parker's speed these days, the man who hit a home run in his first Major League Baseball at-bat (yes, he was Bo Jackson before Bo Jackson) says he still watches a little football. "I think the best quarterback is Peyton Manning. Others have their opinion, but that's my thought. Peyton is the best."

Trippi is 86 years old, and according to his wife, loves to watch Manning.

But hey, lets use this poll as a argument for Manning because there is nothing better than the opinions of guys like Tarkenton, and a 97 year old man. Not to mention Brady coming back from injury still being on the mind of these voters.
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