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Default Re: Sleep deprived....

Hope your daughter is well.

Well for me the longest was 36 hours, concentration became a problem somewhat, kindof slow minded, but mostly i looked different rather than felt different, literally looked like a zombie/vampire, pale, itchy & blood shot eyes...... the best part is when you go to bed after being up for so long, you will have the best sleep of your lifetime... when i went to bed i fell asleep in like 20-30 seconds max, then i i slept for like 15 hours or so lol... kindof felt like a new man when i woke up with massive energy.

I am sleep deprived exactly 1 day a month, when i am there i notice it very well because no matter how hard i try i can never go to sleep at the same time, always have to go to bed at least 1-2 hours later than the previous night.... in order to fix that i have to skip sleep that night and go to bed "normal" time next day/night or else my sleeping habbits are screwed up....

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