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Default Re: What if we make the playoffs?

Originally Posted by bokes15
I would think, in a perfect world where everything went right, we didn't face so many injuries, and everything clicked from day 1, we're a .500 team. 41-41. We've pretty much played .500 ball from the start of December to now (10-10). The 8th seed will probably be at least a .500 record and perhaps even a few games over because as it stands 8th is 2 games over .500. So at a minimum over our last 45 games we'd have to go 27-18 just for a shot at sniffing the 8th seed. We're a .500 team at best so I don't see us doing any better than maybe like 20-25 which would put us at 34-48 for the year and a 10-12 seed, which is exactly around where I expect us to finish.

Good breakdown.. nice post.

I wouldnt argue about the math.. but I would say I never saw this team as 500 from day 1... and I still dont see it as 500. 20 - 25 down the stretch is also suspect in my mind as the tail end of the schedule seems to be loaded in play off teams or non - playoff teams that should improve with key player back. DRose Chicago John Wall Washington for example.

Not enough games verses the Cavs the Bobcats and the Magic left.

Our upside is limited to how we are playing now i/m/h/o.

We could in fact end up with 36 wins my revised projection...but if we play Jonas and Barges down the stetch as starters we could end up only 12 - 33 for example.

The reason playing that forecourt would be "political" over Casey's head. 1) to sell hope to the fans seeing Jonus play. 2) to season JV and 3) to showcase Barges for a trade.
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