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Default Re: Raps Forum Keeper League Season Six

Originally Posted by RapsFan
^^^ agree. Keeper leagues are easier....and our waiver system is easier...everything in place to help create an equal playing field. I am ok with everything related to keeper leagues but I still think that the bottom 3 teams should be on the hot seat. Doesn't mean you're out, but if you'd in the bottom, not setting roster or making moves, then probably a swan song. A little pressure never hurt anyone. Still make moves to acquire keepers to help your team but you have to decide when enough is enough as gutting your team where it's a joke might not be in your best interest.
I agree. The least you can expect from a manager is to move the roster to complete the games played. It takes half a minute each day. And there are some managers in the league that don't do it. If we are a 13-teams league I expect to be just that. In the counting categories, we are a 7-teams league right now.
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