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Default Re: Which guns did Adam Lanza use in the Sandy Hook shooting?

Originally Posted by -p.tiddy-
Bin Laden released a video on a 911 anniversary and it was discredited by conspiracy theorists as an actor despite exact bone structure and voice.

Pictures wouldn't do anything at all here in terms of conspiracy...nothing, they would be written off as fakes before you even looked at them.

In fact you could let conspiracy theorists walk into the crime scene right after it happened and they would claim the dead bodies were planted by gov agents...

Funny, considering you said that the December 13, 2001 video of Bin Laden was fake yourself.

That's the video that lead us to Afghanistan...

Yea, it's fake..... and even you agreed.

Originally Posted by -p.tiddy-
Instead of focusing on details like that I think you should focus on the bigger picture, WHY the government would go through such extreme and intricate set up just to make magazine clips in certain rifles smaller. All of the children that are now missing classmates actors?...Little kid actors?...the numerous funerals were all fake, with actors?...etc etc is totally and completely ABSURD. There is nothing to think about here.

The only way you could think there is a conspiracy in here is because you are trying to force a conspiracy on it.

Wait a second... There are a number of conspiracy theories suggesting that the motive behind this shooting isn't about gun control... but something else.

I'd love to discuss those theories with you, but I already know what you'll say.

But let's say it is all about gun control.... Do you really think another shooting is not ever going to happen?

Yea,.... what kind of laws are going to be passed when somebody shoots up an NFL stadium? What if some crazy dude blasts 50 people at the Super Bowl this year? Well, that means Aurora was Step 1, Sandy Hook was Step 2, and Step 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 haven't happened yet.... What laws are passed then?

Would those laws look something like this:

Look man, I can't imagine why this actor conspiracy appears the way does, because it's really f*cking with my mind... But all the videos suggest that we have a bunch of frauds on T.V.

call it absurd all you want.... but to me it seems like bad acting.... Sorry, but I gotta call it the way I see it.

You think I wanted to say these people are actors? Do you think all the people on the internet in the YOUTUBE COMMENTS SECTION want to force some conspiracy theory? We call it the way we see it... and what we see are a bunch of f*cking actors.

As someone pointed out earlier... Why isn't the Virginia Tech shooting a conspiracy? Because there's nothing to be skeptical about on that one.... A crazy Asian dude really did shoot up the school.

There is so much skepticism surrounding Sandy Hook that CNN finally had to address it!!!! Don't act like it's only a few conspiracy theorists on the internet trying to make it look like a conspiracy. There's a $hit load of people that think something it's bull$Hit.
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