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Default Re: What if we make the playoffs?

I do think we had the talent (on paper) to be a .500 team or close to it. But you have to factor in a lot of things. We opened up with the worst road schedule in the NBA. I think we also played the most games against WC opponents. The schedule was brutal. Then you take into account that Bargnani was starting and playing starter minutes and having one of the worst years of his entire career, but yet Ed Davis was barely cracking the rotation until Bargs went down with an injury. Then we had the whole Lowry/Calderon problem. And then right when everything is clicking for us, Val goes down with an injury and we have zero starting center. I'm saying that if we had a home heavy schedule, the rotations had been handled differently, various injuries hadn't taken place, and the team had found it's chemistry earlier best case scenario we could've finished at .500. But rarely do things ever go perfectly so we're probably right where we should be.
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