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Default Re: My Gripe with Tyson Chandler

Originally Posted by Clutch
Only in NY your stars are always blamed for something while the role players are protected like an endangered species.
This is ridiculous. Every player has their feet to the fire.

1st I will say this I blame the GM for putting crap on the floor like these KRUST! (Which if I recall the only 2 people that I can recall right now saying that was myself and Franchise.)

2nd I dont blame Krust for being Krusty. But I will not stand for peoole/announcers feeding me BS about Kidd being the reason or a major contributor to wins or he's better than Felton. Wins and loses are attached to Wallace. Anything outside of them playing 20 minutes is the coaches fault.

3rd I will blame Melo when need be but I havent killed him this season outside of that stupid crap of the diet. I've actually defended him. Melo for me has changed his game to the point where he staarted the season as superstar and elite player in my eyes. But the past month due to the deficiencies of the roster around him he is reverting back to some of his old ways. He isnt playing the PF well IMHO the only advantage is on the offensive end most nights.

4th I will defend Felton (shooting too early in the shot clock not good, sacrificing defense for his offense not good, trying to do more than what his game is, but he had 2 injured hands and still gave effort.)
I will defend Tyson to a certain point. He isnt a hustle player which he should be but that was part of the reason he was always injured in the beginning of his career. Dont blame him for his poor defense or rebounding but dont hold the coach and other players for those same failings. Not 1 other team in this league that I can think of has a single rebounding/defending post player.

With all that said management, coach, star player should get the brunt of all glory and backlash.
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