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Default Re: Which guns did Adam Lanza use in the Sandy Hook shooting?

Originally Posted by Riddler
I didn't say it was photoshopped... I was saying it could be.

Whatever... I already know how this routine works. I argued about 9/11 forever on this forum and I'm not about to start arguing Sandy Hook bull$hit for years upon years.... Some people are programed to skeptical and some people aren't.

I'm done.

I've said what i wanted to say and I'll STFU from here on out (regarding Sandy Hook).

None of this would of ever happened if Robbie Parker didn't look like he was leaving a comedy show before he got on camera.

Do you understand 20 little kids got shot for no other reason than they went to school? You want to act like an aggrieved party because nobody wants to listen to your insensitive bullshit? Serious? Poor you.

Some little kids lost their lives but that pales to the fact this message board won't listen to one of your theories. I feel for you. So terrible.
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