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Default Re: Question about a possible Gasol for Josh Smith trade

Originally Posted by DKLaker
Maybe you misunderstand me.
I like Josh Smith and have wanted him.....but if you have a coach who won't use him properly then what is the point?
The way I would use Pau right now would have everyone to him.......but we have a coach who just doesn't get it and doesn't have a clue how to use players.....he has his one little failed system and that's all he's got. No adjustments and worse yet, no desire to play defense, he doesn't want lock down defenders in the game, he would love to have 10 Euro shooters who could run the floor and jack up blind shots.
'Antoni would probably end up benching Josh

I love defense and rebounding.

see I am not so sure about that. Pau is on the decline and we have another 7ft who needs to be in there...politics or whatever...signing him or not...

I honestly dont know if Pau still got it....he complains/b!tches about his touches in the post but his defense is now at Nash's level and his rebounding is getting pathetic by the day. He is becoming tissue paper.....

I would prefer for Pau to show some emotion....

If you saw the game goodness we need to be athletic in such a bad way...that defense was crazy good...we need to play at that level to win anything....

RANT ALERT: fcuking coach D'Toni...they took away our P&R and our offense was piece of Sh!t....nash looked like Darius Morris out there yesterday....

we need to have atleast some specific set to play when we are taken out of our P&R....
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