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Default Re: How's this for a month of January?

Originally Posted by knickscity
I thought that was Telfair, til I saw the minutes played.

Since we're randomly stat pulling, someone is taking 9 threes a game in January while shooting 42% from the field and plummeting.

Point being, there's a lot of blame to be passed around.
And the second leading scorer in the league....your point being. You cannot seriously be trying to make the comparison that I think you are.

Jason Kidd is DONE. He's a good leader. He can play a little backup but he's washed up. He just cannot play quality minutes anymore. He's giving us nothing in the starting lineup. When you go damn near a month without getting to the line, you're just proving you're nothing more than a set shot shooter. He's a non-threat on offense. He's allergic to the paint.

Im sorry Knickscity. You can pull that "let's blame the star player" card some other year but it's irrelevant this year. Melo has had a hand full of bad games. Bottom line is, he's playing like an MVP. Whether he gets it or not, its up for debate. But you cannot deny he's been excellent for the Knicks all season. If you chose to debate that, you'd just be hating. As far as the guys I criticize, Chandler has had some good streaks of quality play and some bad ones. He's been inconsistent but he is playing better. Jason Kidd on the other hand started off somewhat hot but has been nose diving for the last 2 months...especially since Felton left. You can bring up Melo all you want but it won't distract from the fact that Kidd is stinking the joint up. Any time it becomes a question of whether Prigioni should start ahead of you, you know you need to hand em up lol
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