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Default Re: Does anyone know which PS3 game this is??

Originally Posted by Draz
Back when I was with my ex, I went to her cousins house and they had a PS3. The game we played was like a mini game? I guess. It was for 4 players. They paid less than $5 for it. You basically go through different levels of the maps and with the help of each character to help move on in the map.

One person had a sword, another had some other power, each person has something. I'm looking every where online for it, and the PSN store didn't have it when it was up, it's currently down so I can't double check.

If you know what it is, please tell me. It's basically a puzzle game.

Edit: Shit, I accidentally posted it in the OTC -_-" mods move of necessary, sorry.

It could be Lost Vikings I used to play it on my genesis and I know they rereleased it, kind of fits the description
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