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Default Re: Deadspin: Manti Teos Dead Girlfriend is a hoax

Originally Posted by GOBB
Popular jock means you got females on ur jock some who are secretly on your jock, admiring you from afar. People who you dont know, know of you. With that comes open doors of snatch from various backgrounds. Yet you fall in love literally with a chick online that you never met physically? I've never heard of it. You never heard of it. Lets just be real.

I doubt he was bangin chicks on the side if he was in love with a female he never met. Being duped as a high profile college athlete doesnt happen. Being that it did? It should never happen. Lots of females to pick from you can physically touch vs some chick on the other side of the country you never met.

If Kevin Durant came out and said he was duped last season in similar fashion you wouldnt find that surprising? Come on.

A bigtime college athlete? I cant see being duped for obvious reasons. Mind boggling.

Meanwhile the QB for Alabama who isnt as popular as Teo has Miss Alabama. Teo has a chick that he never met in life. It doesnt add up my friend.

I think this is where everybody needs to realize that their regular human beings. Just because they are physical specimens and dominate a sport doesn't mean they are immune to things that can happen to everyday people, where as sad as it is to say and it is pretty sad that's falling in love online and handling situations laughably bad. It's why some of the smartest people on the planet which alot of these jocks aren't can be played by females everyday. Just because they excel in the business world or whatever doesn't mean they do socially.

Not everybody is a ***** hound, you know. People out there do look for something "real" or somebody to start a family with. I'd imagine all those girls hoping on you're jock because you play football wouldn't be ideal. Falling on love online is an L for anybody but it happens. We'll never know but maybe this dude just wanted somebody to talk to, is shy or anti social or something and had no interest in all those broads you're talking about.

Story would be believable if it was some regular joe so I don't understand why people think it's 100% fake just because guy's a linebacker. All tho I do admit the whole situations seems crazy and I really have no clue what happened and at times not even sure what's even really happening

Regular people can get catfished and so can pro athlete's, rich people etc. is really my only point. Only surprising part is that as a whole people actually look and believe they've found love over an email or whatever which is scaaaary.
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