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Default Re: Deadspin: Manti Teos Dead Girlfriend is a hoax

Originally Posted by GOBB
What pro athletes, celebs have been catfished tho? You hear the stories of the avg joe so its not surprising. You dont hear stories of Teo. I hear your side tho. You're right he doesnt have to be the stereotypical jock. So maybe there is more to the story when he reveals it. Just weird he fell in love, shed emotions/tears over someone who died that he never met, never went to funeral, saw obituary.

I dunno if there's any other stories but I think it's 100% understandable that if it did happen or has happened that person is probably taking it to his grave. Too many reasons to list. Gotta be some actor/actress that it's happened to out there and nobody cared enough to dig around or even look for it, just like if Teo never said she was dead? We'd never know it was a lie or he was a wierdo that felt he needed to have a relationship with a person he never saw.

Way I view it is these guy's have substance abuse issues like us, get divorced like us, get in legal trouble, suffer from depression or whatever mental health issues etc. so it's not surprising to me that they would turn to online dating or whatever like many people do.

That's about it, I have no idea about the story or if it's true or a lie or whatever but I could believe he got screwed. It's like Lindsay Lohan, girl was beautiful, rich etc. had everything and yet she threw it all away because she's just human. Had the same problems and issues like everybody else.
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