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Default Re: Are You Disgusted By Fat People?

Originally Posted by Jackass18
You have serious issues in your delusional world there, kid.

Lol, thank you for actually commenting back on your perspective and why! And not just making some condescending statement because you don't agree, lol.

This thread is asking about whether or not fat people disgust you and why- that's what I did. I didn't ask anybody else to agree with me or state my opinion as fact. That is simply my opinion based off of my experience in interacting with fat people.

Perhaps I was too aggressive in my post. I have plenty of overweight friends and no, I don't ridicule them at all. However, when people are overweight and then complain about being such, yet do nothing to change it? Then yes, I find that annoying and disgusting, because that is weak by the very definition of it. I've had people ask me to take them to the gym with me to start working out (both very skinny and overweight people)- I don't ridicule or belittle them at all. Everybody starts somewhere and if they are trying to make a positive change, then I will support them.

Not even taking the physical appearance into account, it isn't healthy.

Disagreeing with someone's opinion is ok, but actually debate the topic at hand and not simply resort to calling me names in a condescending manner as though you are the grand wise master and I am the young pupil, lol. Like I said, maybe I came on too aggressively about it- my experience has just been overwhelming in the way that I have described.

Just like you may think I'm stupid, ugly, fat, or whatever negative attributes you want to say- IDC. At the end of the day, you have to look and the mirror and be happy with yourself. It doesn't matter what anybody else thinks (aside from the people you care about, of course).

Originally Posted by blablabla
there is a difference tho, the person who hasn't showered in a week is disturbing your personal space because of their smell
a fat person eating a big mac shouldn't concern you at all

A fat person eating a Big Mac does concern me and actually does invade my space- when I am in a plane, on a bus, movie theater, or any of the other numerous amounts of places where spacing in cramped. They cost more- it costs more food to feed them, gas to get them from place to place, all of the health problems that come along with being fat, the wearing down of accessories (cars, chairs, beds, shoes, etc), more trash from the more food, etc etc. Their carbon footprint and economic footprint is bigger.

Originally Posted by IGOTGAME
I love how you pick fatness as the one big sign of weakness. There are some driven fatties out there that shit on 99% of ISH at life. Some people legit DON'T care. Some I casually know, who aren't morbidly obese but are overweight, seem to care more about work, drinking and getting women. Some people just don't care because it doesn't effect their day to day life.

Fatness is a sign of weakness, just like smoking, or anything other unhealthy habit. I'm sure there are plenty of things about me that you and other people think is weak. That's ok- that is your opinion to have. I never said fatness was the absolute scale to judge whether someone is weak- however it is an aspect with which to gauge a certain kind of weakness. Just like I have a weakness for chocolate, so I have cut out buying Snickers and such (on the regular).

And it absolutely, 100%, affects their daily life. Going up stairs, getting out of bed, getting out of a chair, walking from place to place, picking things up, tying their shoes, moving things, etc. Working out and being healthy makes all of those things easier (just like smoking, drugs, etc affects your daily life).

There are plenty of fat people are driven academically and will be great in whatever field they choose. There are also plenty of in-shape people who are lazy in academics and horrible students. Those people are weak too.

A bunch of weaknesses are out there- I do not hold fatness as the one single greatest weakness in the world solely as a gauge for absolute weakness in a person. However, this thread is about fatness, so that is what I am discussing.
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