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Default Re: Rate the last movie you watched.

Originally Posted by Money 23
In the late 90's, maybe around '97 or '98 he was reported on being treated in hospitals for a degenerative genetic disease of some kind. I forget the name, a little bit of research will help you find it if you have questions. It was even reported CIA members visited him while in the hospital. Clinton at the time, aware of where he was, at no point pulled the trigger on an attempt on his life.

None of this sounds overly convenient to you, or sketchy?

As for the movie, some stand out performances. It depicted a believable reality. I just found in parts it was kind of slow, and un interesting. But 8/10? That's a very good movie. I readily admit. And like I said, the actors performances were top notch.

So you're not sure how you know for a FACT.

Bin Laden was thought to need kidney dialysis, but what he actually had, they now believe were kidney stones which are temporary. Based on interviews with Bin Laden's family, they now believe he was in excellent health. During the '90's he would take his families on long hikes in the high mountains of Aghanistan because he wanted to prepare them for a life on the run if they needed to.

As for Clinton, we never knew where Bin Laden was for any length of time. We didn't have a drone program like we do know where it only take minutes for a missile to land. If Clinton were fire a missile, it would take several hours before it reached its target, so you needed to know if Bin Laden was going to remain in one place for several hours. The best chance we had to get him, he was in the company of princes from the United Arab Emirates, so to pull the trigger would have caused some problems.
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