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Default Re: Are You Disgusted By Fat People?

Originally Posted by Legend of Josh
I have to agree. Again, sorry if I'm being offensive to smokers, but you guys are the biggest set of tear releasing crybabies. Here in NC about two years ago when it became illegal to smoke in any restaurant or bar, the rednecks all got up off the couch and came out the woodwork crying, bit(hing, throwing a hissy fit "MY RIGHTS! MY RIGHTS! I HAVE MY RIGHTS! YOU'RE TAKING AWAY MY RIGHT AS SMOKER TO HAVE A SMOKE BEFORE AND AFTER I EAT EVEN IF YOU DON'T SMOKE THAT DOESN'T MATTER SMOKER RIGHTS! SMOKER RIGHTS!

They are the worst.
It took that long for cigs to be banned in restaurants over there? I thought that rule was practically national law by the 90s.

Anyways, people like that are selfish.
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