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Default Re: Flacco deserves something close to max dollars.

Originally Posted by Carbine
There is really no argument to be made that Flacco is a better QB than Big Ben or Eli other than a hardcore case of what have you doe for me lately, which shows your ignorance.

As far as max dollars, what the **** is that? This is not the NBA.

He will be franchised and probably signed to a long term deal, but he's not worth a super amount of money. He's not elite.

He has been blessed to play behind a stalwart defense that has four potential HOF'ers and they always come through and stop people in the playoffs since Joe has been there.

Wow, way to sound like a jerk and asshole. I was just throwing a topic out there; no need to PMS like I've seen you do more often than not. I'm not even trying to argue and toss insults around, just wanted to discuss Joe, nothing more, nothing less.

I'm willing to be, if head coaches and GMs had the choice to select between Big Ben, Eli and Flacco right now to build their offense around, more than you think (not saying majority, just more than YOU obviously think) would take Flacco.

There's obvious flaws in Big Ben's game, and he's injury prone. Eli, like I said, can drive you bananas depending on his game-play. Like I've already stated makes a hard case b/c both Eli and BB are SB winners. Flacco has yet to get there, but with the way Baltimore is always in the tournament, it's only a matter of time.

We've seen both Eli and Big Ben be responsible for their teams missing the playoffs; this year to be particular. Ravens didn't play that well down the stretch, but Pittsburgh and NYG sure as hell didn't either, and only one team won their division, made the playoffs and are one game away from the big show.

You want claim I'm just ignorant for even suggesting Flacco being on Eli or Big Ben's level, when in actuality, it's not TOO FAR from being something worthy of being debatable.

You and your arrogant, name-calling, OMG-I-got-so-much-NFL-knowledge simply screams PMS. Why dude?

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