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Default Re: Flacco deserves something close to max dollars.

Originally Posted by bigkingsfan
It doesn't work like that. Until the Ravens lock up the 1st or 2nd seed year after years. It's going to be real difficult winning all these road games.

Locking up a # 1 or 2 seed year-after-year is just being unrealistic. It's true, for some reason Baltimore plays so much better at home in the regular season (if you look at straight up wins/losses) but they're battle tested, and IMO, Ray Rice is an "elite" RB in this league, and that helps take some of the pressure off Flacco.

(I can't believe I'm arguing for a team's QB I absolutely hate considering I'm a Bengals fan)

The Ravens are already playing in one of the league's most competitive divisions on average (minus the Brows of course, but they're improving too). The Bengals have made the post season two straight years, and you know Pittsburgh will always be in the mix.

At one I know I vastly overrated the Bmore Ravens... but here in the past couple of seasons, they've impressed me.
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