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Default Re: How can we save ISH??

Originally Posted by RedBlackAttack
Just as an FYI, we have very little power on this forum. No issuing bans of any kind (perma or otherwise). Can't merge threads, either.

Basically, all mods can do is delete threads/posts. And, each time a new mod is added, they are diligent on trying to keep things in order for the first week or so, and then quickly find they are fighting a losing battle.

At this point, if I see a thread which deserves deletion, I'll remove it, but I don't patrol the forum. What's the point when a troll can just continue reposing the same thread over and over and we have no power to stop them from doing so?

In other words, don't blame mods.
Ok, so Jeff is the only one who can control this.
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