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Default Re: How can we save ISH??

jlauber/millwad might have had something to do with it. there were quite a few guys that went in those threads basically saying 'i'm done posting on here.'
don't get me wrong both those guys are very valid but they got deranged. I'm a rookie and here's a rookie mistake. when I first signed up on InsideHoops I made the mistake of thinking millwad was a worthless troll and I set him to ignore. well that was wrong, (altho why anyone in the world would be a rox fan...) he's got a lot of great points. But yeah.

but now instead of jlauber / millwad it's gone to kids posting gifs of kobe bryant getting beat up in the schoolyard.

Are these guys right here your heroes?

************************************************** *****
************************************************** *****

you could get away from the problem, or the different style if you prefer, by starting another forum with some kind of guidelines. And mods that can ditch threads or users. Kind of a hammer. "you are always welcome on ISH but this forum is the real NBA: No Boys Allowed. So you are banned back to the general user class."
Just like the NBA, with suspensions, thrown back to the D League or whatever.

That's pretty elitist but then it sounds like what you are looking for anyhow, better quality posts and less "clutter". Not to go all philosophical but I'm pretty well convinced that 30 years of political correctness has destroyed standards in a lot more ways than what you are talking about here.

And the fact is, elite means best.

Sounds to me like you are looking for the true NBA caliber. The teams we all love, the Sixers or the Bucks or Lakers - they select the best players in the world and no other player is allowed on that court. There's streetball, there's schoolyard hoops, there's other leagues all around the world - but if you want to play against the BEST, you want to BE the best.... you get into the NBA.

You could get the mods together, have them select their "teams" from some kinda way, and the rest of the world can still be on ISH... but just like the world can only watch the greatest on that NBA court.... the world can only watch that forum.

and you know you can still have that current NBA forum for days when you wanna goof around because that 's fun too!

edit: i just hope there's no math test where you have to prove you can figure out all those advanced stats like iEPG or "the stat that shows true shooting percentage on Tuesdays and Friday games" because I'd be banned certain sure. I dunno what all that is

I just gotta serious case of

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