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Default Re: PREDICTIONS: Next 6 games

Originally Posted by Clutch
Next two games are very important. We take on division rivals in Brooklyn and Boston.

To be fair I would be happy with a split.

a) If we beat the Nets we'll have 4 less losses AND we would have a tiebreaker which could be huge.

b) Celtics are currently 5.5 games behind. If we can somehow split the season series they would need a major run to overtake us.

I want us to win both games but I don't see that coming. Losses against both teams would be a disaster so I hope for a split.
With that said,who would you rather see the Knicks beat ?

Personally I can't decide. Nets are closer to us in the standings and by beating them we would own the tiebreaker so that can actually be the more important game.
But I hate the Celtics and my hate has even gone up after that Melo/KG incident. Beating them in Boston would be a feel good moment.
So I'm leaning towards rather beating the Nets but in case Melo drops 45-50 on Boston leading us to the win would be even better.
I think I would rather beat the Nets. As you said, it would win us the season series with an Eastern Conference team which is important for seeding. Ultimately, I'd be more satisfied with beating the Nets and Melo just having a good game vs the Celtics. I think, somehow someway, we're going to end up having to face the Celtics in the playoffs in the 1st round.
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