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Default Re: Flacco deserves something close to max dollars.

I really like Flacco as a player but I don't rate him above Eli(I think Eli is a top 5 QB) and I don't think he's elite(top 5 ish). That being said he's a great playoff QB and those guys are rare to find and you have to figure that he still has some hidden potential given his skillset(rocket arm, big frame, experience, etc) I posted a thread about Flacco the other week and I think he should get paid, he's not worth Brees money but I don't see anything wrong with giving him a 10-13mil/yr type of contract for over 6-7 years.

He's a big game QB and those are hard to find.. I'm interested to see how he does next year with a new OC as it seems Cameron was holding that offense back and Caldwell seems to be getting the most of the unit.

Flacco has alot of value and I'm almost certain they can get a top 10 pick for him and end up signing a QB like Alex Smith which would be a great way to revamp that team actually.
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