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Default Re: Flacco deserves something close to max dollars.

Originally Posted by Timmy D for MVP
Flacco doesn't deserve close to max. But he does deserve close to close to max. He will be over paid though, that's just how it goes.

I'm not sure he'll ever be considered among the elites he's potentially really good. He just doesn't seem poised to catch his peers or rise as far as the young crop can.

The money part of it will be real interesting. But I would wager that he will end up being over paid because again, a real good QB, the pass happy NFL, that's how it goes.

Exactly how it goes. You either have a QB in this league or you're constantly searching for one. If he manages to win the Superbowl he might end up being the highest paid QB by Baltimore or some other team looking for a QB.
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