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Default Re: Flacco deserves something close to max dollars.

Originally Posted by Jackass18
Big game QB? He's been awful in many playoff games. It's just that he's been good the past couple games. He's just not a guy I trust yet. Though, I guess we live in a 'what have you done for me lately' world as Carbine alluded to.

You make it sound like he's Tony Romo epic fail after epic fail in big games. Here's the truth of the matter, he's only been in the league five seasons, all five seasons he's made the playoffs. He's taken the Ravens to a AFC title game twice in those five years. More often than not, he's winning in the playoffs (just not enough yet to make the big show). He's won at least one playoff game EVERY SEASON.

Many will argue he's just playing for one of the best managed and well run franchises in the league accompanied by a stout defense that is about as badass as it gets... but there's something about Flacco that just defines winner. He's a winning quarterback. Winner is big games, big moments, etc. Maybe he's just one lucky as hell son of a bit*h, IDK anymore. Many of you supposed NFL expert posters are raping the idea of Flacco being elite, which like I said, I agree, he's not in that true category fraternity of elite QBs, but he's better and more consistent that Eli and IMO > Big Ben. A lot of experts consider both of them (Eli and Ben) elite, but not Flacco, even though just simply observation if no one knew anything about all three of those QBs watched film of them the consensus probably points to Flacco being the victor.
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