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Default Re: Flacco deserves something close to max dollars.

He's a winner. How do you know?

Put him on a team where he's the man. Put him on a team without 4 HOF defensive players and many good supporting members. Take away a top 5 RB and best FB in the league.

He probably starts losing. Then what? He isn't a winner anymore? How do you define a winner? Someone who has a better situation?

Please elaborate on this:

but he's better and more consistent that Eli and IMO > Big Ben

Joe Flacco has had 7 games in the regular season with a 76 QB rating or lower.

8 games last year with a 78 rating or 15 total over two years.

Eli has 11 games the past two years with 78 rating or lower. Big ben has 5 or 6 in two years (he was injured for 3 games)

Anyone who watches the Ravens week in and week out knows there is good Flacco, and bad Flacco. He's inconsistent.

So there goes your "more consistent" argument. And how is Flacco better? Based on what? Stats? Those other two trump him. Playoff success? Eli is probably the best playoff QB of his era, Big Ben is up there as well.

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