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Default Re: Failed Assination on Bulgarian Politician Video

Originally Posted by kNIOKAS
I saw this and it's pretty shocking... UNLESS this was a setup. How can an assassin mess up so badly? Plus, he's on all the cameras, everything. Imagine what kind of brutal murder this would have been... But it is gripping and thanks the god nobody was hurt.
It was a setup. The police authorities already confiremd that there were 3 bullets in the pistol that are incapable of killing a man. The handgun itself is not designed to be using real lead bullets, but blank cartidges filled with gas. Real bullets cant go trough the barrel.

The guy is a world class scum bag and deserves to be dead.

His political party is representing a turkish minority in the country. The guy that tried "to killed" him is part of the same minority. Very pathetic act trying to raise racial tensions and blame the nationalist (which by the way have very low positions on the political scene).

Originally Posted by bdreason
That was so awesome though. Security didn't even secure the suspect. They just let people kick and hit him.

Usually this guy is protected by national security agency. But when the event was planned they didnt want any security inside the hall. That probably explains why the security didnt intervene immediately.

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