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Default Re: Raps Forum Keeper League Season Six

Originally Posted by FCardelle
Many in the league also support that the champion selects last in every round,
And that is a far better solution than... forcing me to trade Durant for Lebron (just an example)


For anyone who thinks this is a good idea, I just don't think it's logical. If we kept the majority of our roster, say 8 players, unrelated to a specific round, then sure this idea makes sense because the worst teams are adding better in the real NBA. But when we keep 3, based on value (not just best player), it goes out the window and just doesn't make any sense. Someone has said it takes no skill to keep Durant. Then it definitely takes no skill to draft over 75% of your roster with earlier picks in every single round. Random is fair for everyone.

We can only keep someone in a round once....this applys to round 2 through 13. So why should it be any different with round one keepers? Isn't that a logical change.

You're missing the point about the Durant for Lebron example. I'll use other players so you don't think this is all about you. Say bokes is having a great season led by Chris Paul. He kept Chris Paul so he know he can't keep him again. He needs to decide to hold Paul on his roster to try and win, or to trade him and potentially mess around with a winning team. If he hold's Paul, he also knows he'll have a chance to redraft Paul. If he gets lucky and redafts Paul, he can then keep him the following year.

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