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Default Re: Is MTV still relevant?

Relevant to who?

To music listeners or to Viacom stock holders.

There's a reason they moved away from videos and went to shows. MTV basically discovered that moving away from music videos was much more profitable for them to make their own shows and not show music videos. They took the teenage-25 demographic that they basically owned and started developing shows for that market. A market that wouldn't have been profitable for a major network to go after. With their old format of constant music videos, they had an audience that would tune in and tune out depending on the song. Going to shows gave them more dependable numbers for Nelsen ratings.

Also they are owned by Viacom who also own

MTV Networks Music & Logo Group[1]
MTV (1981)1
MTV2 (1996)
MTV Jams (1998)
MTV Hits (2002)
Tr3s (2006)
VH1 (1985)
VH1 Classic (2000)
VH1 Soul (2000)
CMT (1999)2
CMT Pure Country (1999)3
Logo (2005)4
Palladia (2006)

So corporate strategy is to have music spread across various channels.
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