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Default Re: Sleep deprived....

Originally Posted by pauk
Hope your daughter is well.

Well for me the longest was 36 hours, concentration became a problem somewhat, kindof slow minded, but mostly i looked different rather than felt different, literally looked like a zombie/vampire, pale, itchy & blood shot eyes...... the best part is when you go to bed after being up for so long, you will have the best sleep of your lifetime... when i went to bed i fell asleep in like 20-30 seconds max, then i i slept for like 15 hours or so lol... kindof felt like a new man when i woke up with massive energy.

I am sleep deprived exactly 1 day a month, when i am there i notice it very well because no matter how hard i try i can never go to sleep at the same time, always have to go to bed at least 1-2 hours later than the previous night.... in order to fix that i have to skip sleep that night and go to bed "normal" time next day/night or else my sleeping habbits are screwed up....

I've done that (just wait a whole day to get back to a "regular" schedule) a few times as well...

but backwards ...

i've slept into the next day, not stayed awake until the next day.

And as for how long i've ever stayed up without any sleep...probably around 30 hours...and it sucked...headaches, stomach problems that didn't allow me to eat, eyes itching, impaired judgement, etc.
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