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Default Re: Brooklyn Nets 2012-2013 Post Game Thread

Originally Posted by gigantes
right, before i saw your post i somehow assumed that you were a kidd fan like i'm a kidd fan. i.e., i want him to do well wherever he plays and have as long and glorious a career as possible, even if the days of high stats are over.

but, yea.... like i was saying in that earlier post, i know it's hard for you fans in the NYC area to resist the hate. i'm glad you guys do the heavy lifting on that front while i'm free to sip pina coladas and say kind things about the knicks as the spirit moves me.

Well I did wish him to do well in Dallas, I was quite happy to learn he won a title in 2011. I'd support him wherever he plays except for the Knicks though, and I guess you understand why. Honestly, how did you feel when Kidd hit that tie-breaker three at that Nets-Knicks game as a Nets fan? Imagine it comes at playoffs time...

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