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Default Re: Flacco deserves something close to max dollars.

Originally Posted by Carbine
He's a winner. How do you know?Please elaborate on this:

What do you mean how do I know? Look at the success of the Ravens since he's been under center. Like I keep admitting, give the defense the majority of the credit, and their true offensive powerhouse is Ray Rice, but you don't just win that many post season games, make two AFC title games in less than five years, etc without being a damn good football player, who finds ways to "win" - that's how we know.

Would Flacco be less successful on another team? Maybe. Maybe not. Maybe he'd be better (I'm not saying probable, just possible; he plays for the Ravens, and not another team so there's no point in even trying to discuss that. Let's just judge him for what he's done in Baltimore).

You keep talking about stats... like total TD, total yards, QBR, but any head coach, GM or owner doesn't really care about all that bullshit if you're winning games. Winning is what matters, but nerds like you swear by stats and seemingly ignore the bottom line, which is wins... not "OMG, Flacco will never have a 5k yard season; he'll never throw 35 TDs, he's just not any good!"

You talked about Flacco being the "good" and "bad" version... and yeah well, you can sure as hell make that argument for the inconsistent Eli Manning, and to a lesser extent, Big Ben. Let's not pretend Flacco is the only enigmatic QB out there.
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