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Default Re: Flacco deserves something close to max dollars.

Originally Posted by Legend of Josh
You make it sound like he's Tony Romo epic fail after epic fail in big games. Here's the truth of the matter, he's only been in the league five seasons, all five seasons he's made the playoffs.

He's had a topnotch defense that just doesn't give up many points until this season. It's not just the defense, but he's also had a nice running game, too. He's had a good OL that gives him all day to throw in some games, but he's not good at avoiding sacks.

He's a winning quarterback. Winner is big games, big moments, etc. Maybe he's just one lucky as hell son of a bit*h, IDK anymore.

If he's such a big winner, then why no SB appearances?

but he's better and more consistent that Eli and IMO > Big Ben.

But, he's not that consistent. I'm not yet convinced by him and I'm certainly not ready to put him ahead of Eli and Ben.
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