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Default Re: Which guns did Adam Lanza use in the Sandy Hook shooting?

Originally Posted by monkeypox
Their method isn't skepticism. Someone who's skeptical would take fantastical claims like this and do the 5 minutes of research or 10 seconds of logical thought to dismiss them. Conspiracy theorists like to call people sheep all the time but the truth is it takes a far more sheep like mentality to blindly follow this dumb ass claims. Be a skeptic to both sides here. I have yet to see one item in this whole CT that hasn't been thoroughly debunked. It makes me sad that so many people lack the critical thinking skills to see past all this, particularly when there are massive conspiracies likely going on in the world all the time.

What the f*ck research are you talking about ...

If I see a facebook page created 4 days prior to the death of one of the victims in the Sandy Hook shooting (Victoria Soto), then what further research do I have to undertake.

The page is there; the facts are there; and the only basic question I have to ask is, "Why was it created 4 days before she died."

I only merely questioned a claim. It is up to you anti-conspiracy nuts to explain to me why the page was created 4 days prior to the death of the person.

Till this day, none of you nerds can answer this simple basic question.

This is one example amongst a million I have.

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