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Default Re: Which guns did Adam Lanza use in the Sandy Hook shooting?

Originally Posted by daily
Also the modern conspiracy person ( I won't use theorist) doesn't stop at that. They photoshop, they manipulate facts, they ignore facts, they alter audio/video files, they knowingly drag people that had nothing to do with an event into the event and on and on. These people are not investigating a conspiracy they are creating a conspiracy for their mindless followers

Well that is bullsh*t. There are news reports that do the same sh*t but they are not under the same scrutiny; in fact, normally they are accepted hook, line, and sinker.

Trust me, these conspiracy nuts aren't any worse than the media and government in creating hoaxes and distorting lies.

The difference between them is at least the conspiracy theorists are trying to seek the truth (no matter how flawed) and the media and government are trying to distort the truth.

Their intentions are sound even though they might sound like idiots sometimes, but at least they are being skeptical and asking questions when they see an anomaly .. this seems to be a crime nowadays.

Skepticism is a lost art. The start of modern thinking started (which lead to all the modern philosophies and sciences) when one man said the only thing he knew was he knew nothing and started denying everything the sheeps accepted as true just because someone of higher authority said so.

Food for thought.

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