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Default Re: Which guns did Adam Lanza use in the Sandy Hook shooting?

Originally Posted by IamRAMBO24
Conspiracy theory is just that: a theory. They don't make claims; they create hypotheticals and ask questions.

WTF? People are harassing the people of Newtown because they think those people are actors. You and others like you are going well beyond merely asking questions and posting hypotheticals. You people go around claiming the media and gov't is lying about everything and hiding the truth. They claim that the government set up Sandy Hook so they could enforce gun control laws. They claim those people are crisis actors. They claim that there were webpages about the shootings before it ever happened. They claim the assault rifle was found in his trunk. Many claims have been made, but none have really been backed up.

This is one example amongst a million I have.

What are the million bullshit claims that you have? What are you talking about with the Rodia thing?
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