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Default Re: Unclear when Rasheed will return

Originally Posted by knickscity
Cool......sign the guys no one wants, who thinks he great.

Fam, why you love requesting bums that other teams dont want so much?
Because I know how to evaluate talent based on a guys ability and not whether he's been offered a job already. We've gone through this before and I'm sure it will continue this offseason. Just because a guy doesn't have a job, doesn't mean he can't play. And FYI, we worked out Sean Williams in the offseason. Guys don't just forget how to play. I just don't get how a guy getting paid @ least six figures can't figure out that having a team full of old guys would suffer from injury issues. Seems like common sense to me. I don't know how he got you guys to drink the Kool-Aid but Rameek and I are the only ones who didn't partake it seems lol.
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