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enayes posts stuff that is definitely making some people angryenayes posts stuff that is definitely making some people angry
Default guy from craigslist is asking for some money back, advice?

I sold my used 07/08 Black Macbook on craigslist for $250 to some guy. He asked a lot of questions and I tried to answer them as best I could, everything appeared to be in good working order to me. So we meet up, he pays me and gets the macbook. I even through in a soft case for it.

Anyway, he emails me today saying that the superdrive does not work at all and he is asking for $50 back so he can buy a replacement drive on eBay. I had imported a music CD into iTunes a few weeks prior so I was under the impression the drive was working.

Should I help this guy out or not? I feel that $250, even for a used macbook is a good price, even if everything is not working at 100%.
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