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Default Re: Flacco deserves something close to max dollars.

Originally Posted by Carbine
In one of his playoff wins he completed 9 out of 3 balls for 135 yards. And he won. On the Road.

He completed 4 balls for 34 yards and tossed an int against NE Pats and still won. ON THE ROAD.

You sure do give a lot of credit to Flacco, calling him a "winner," yet he hasn't even made the superbowl, much less win a superbowl.

How does that work again? Winners find a way to win, your words not why then, has he ended each year of his career with a loss and not a superbowl victory? How can he outplay Tom Brady last year, some would say severely outplaying him....yet he lost.

Could it be.....there are 51 other active players and numerous coaches that contribute heavily to wins and loses? Noooo, that couldn't be it. Joe is a winner! He finds a way to win....yet has no titles.

BTW, I never said there wasn't a good and bad Eli, but you're the one saying Flacco "is better and more consistent," which is just patently false.

Big Ben is way more consistent than both.

Get your facts straight.

You keep asking the question why hasn't he won or even made a SuperBowl. He's only been in the league five seasons. However. he's always made the playoffs and every season his team wins at least one playoff game. Winning the SuperBowl is obviously most ideal and every team's ultimate goal, but you take a QB who's only been in the league five seasons and already has 7 playoff wins and two conference title games... realistically, any coach/owner/team would be happy with that and think it's one hell of an accomplishment.

You pretend like every team wins 100% of the time and the Ravens come up short. Your logic comes up short.

Hey wise guy, how many seasons did it take Peyton to reach a SuperBowl, huh? Answer me that. Oops, that simple reality just derailed your entire stance/logic/arguments in this thread. You pretty much have been owning yourself since we all know how high you hold Peyton (and rightfully so, he's one of the all-time greats, and yes I know Flacco will probably never get a whiff of any of that individual legendary status, but it's quite possible he'll win more SuperBowls they your boy Peyton.

All that's OK though, because throwing 5k a season, 35 TD and QBR of 95+ all > # of SB wins.

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