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Default Re: 2k14 Wishlist?

-Bring back trade block.
-Give me something new in association. I don't care what it is as long as it's decent. Take into account how certain players have played. If they've been hot lately, make it easier to score. If cold, make it harder to get them out of a slump. Particularly for pure shooters like Korver, Ray Allen, Steph Curry, James Jones, Steve Novak etc etc.
-I get why it got taken out, but i did like the d-league. bring that shit back.
-Perhaps make a myplayer mode where you're already in the d-league and you're trying to make it back into the league? Or into the league for the first time.
-Change some of the development drills. Some of them are ridiculously hard. (especially IMO the full court press)
-On that note, maybe make it where if you get your drill perfect, you can get another hour of drills. Thus if you get at least 2 done perfectly, you can do something else.

That's all I got for now.
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