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Default Re: NFL Playoffs GT: Conference Finals

Originally Posted by Jackass18
[b]Meh, just tired of the ignorant bullshit about QBs. Rice makes a big play = all credit to Flacco.
Joe Flacco 28
Tom Brady 13

Sometimes you make good points man, but I'm just to the point of thinking you must be a Flacco "hater" to watch this game and not at least say "OK, he's looking like he could be a damn good quarterback who fits Baltimore extremely well and based on their franchise success lately, this might just be a damn good combination (speaking of Flacco and Ravens).

I've been on record giving Ray Rice credit for being the only "powerhouse" offensive piece in B-town, and that their defense is just so damn feared, it psychologically gives them a slight advantage... but AT THIS POINT, it's pretty damn pathetic to see that Flacco still isn't getting credit he deserves for some of these wins.

Rewind a few years, and Eli Manning was considered the most overrated QB by a handful of experts/fans/etc and after he rose to the occasion those same FOR NO REASON haters suddenly STFU. Will Flacco deliver the same dose of medicine? Only time will tell. But just as you're sick of someone saying "hey this Flacco guys is pretty good" I'm getting pretty damn sick of someone like you saying "this happens, Flacco gets credit" ... "that happens, Flacco gets credit" ...

Flacco has been time and time again NOT GIVEN CREDIT. When people think of the Ravens, they think of Lewis, Reed. Suggs or any other randomly selected defensive piece; fantasy players swear on their mothers grave for the guaranteed success of Ray Rice. Flacco isn't an elite QB, never thought to be a big time stats guy, but on nights like tonight when he virtually played a perfectly executed game managing things putting Baltimore in a position to burn clock, making crucial throws on any down, first - second - third! NO OF COURSE NOT! NONE OF THAT WAS FLACCO!

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