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Default Joe Flacco >>> "Matty Ice"

Flacco has some regular season stinkers, but more often than not, he shows up to play in the postseason. He's outperformed Brady two years in a row, and outplayed Peyton last week.

Now before you say "well the Ravens are a better team and bla bla bla", shut up. Just shut the fuck up. Matt Ryan has an all pro supporting cast on offense. The GOAT TE, two 1100+ yard receivers, and a decent set of RB's. He just hasn't played nearly as well as Flacco has in the playoffs. Simple as that. Flacco was carried early in his career, but now he is leading the offense. His numbers have been great in the last few years, and he's come up huge in late game situations.

Matt Ryan is a regular season hero, but I still don't trust him in the playoffs. He stunk it up in the second half today. If I want to beat some crappy team in the regular season, give me Ryan. If I want to win a big playoff game, I'm taking Flacco without a shadow of doubt.
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