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Default Re: Piers Morgan TRULY gets own in this one

Originally Posted by sixerfan82
Excellent post, let's dissect this, shall we?

1) The kids needs to not be neglected, and why the **** did the **** leave her two kids in a house with an unsecure gun? sounds like bad parenting by a terrible mother.

2) Shot and killed by who? a drive by? 2nd hand gun fire? was it self defense? not enough information to go on.

3)found dead, this may as well say suicide, not a gun control issue

4) shooting range, sounds like a legit accident, where was the trash can? was it on the range? was the gun fired in the correct direction?

5) dallas chicks, shot to death, not sure what to make of this, but it sounds like legit.

6) this is a legit gun control issue

7) 15yr old girl shot, ok why was it shot at? was it kids? was it a drive by? need more info

8) why does a 22yr old have an unsecured firearm in the first place? sounds like a stupid ****, not a gun control issue.

9) this sounds like some sort of redneck bullshit, NORMAL people discuss issues like grown ****ing adults, they dont shoot people over the last ****ing beer in the fridge.

10) poor oregon man, clearly states it was an accident, not a gun control issue

11) father-daughter, not sure what to make of this one.

I could go on and on...., but I wont, lets face it. These instances are the results of retarded people with guns.

Find the results of all bullets fire from educated people with firearms, like for instance a cop. How many instances like the ones above can you find where the gun of a policer officer was used in a drive by. And I'm not talking about corrupt cops(ie criminals), I'm talking about solid working class americans who arent the 'slums' or the 'idiots' of the USA.

While we're at it, let's put a 'control' on cigarettes, bats, wire, alcohol, and cars, they kill plenty of people yearly too.

Oh wait, people profit from those, sorry!

There is control and regulation on many of the things you listed, also the gun business is very profitable.
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