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Default Re: NFL Playoffs GT: Conference Finals

Originally Posted by Jackass18
You can limit QBs a great deal. A ball control offense can have your QB standing on the sidelines watching for most of the game. Yeah, the QB is the single most important position, but there's a ton of other positions out there. It's not 1 on 1, 2 on 2 or even 5 on 5, but it's 11 on 11. Outside of the QB, there's 21 other effing guys out there on a given play, and at times there's 22 non-QBs out there. But whatever, people will continue to overstate and overglorify QBs all the time and people who should get praise and credit will continue to be ignored.

Baltimore only had a total 100 rushing yard performance. Flacco had three TD tosses. This may not be a typical Ravens' performance, but sometimes it's needed, and if it happens in the game where the winner reaches the promised land, then great! Fine! Whatever! IT DOESN'T MATTER. JUST WIN!

Flacco had an outstanding game. Some of you are just too bitter about that fact to just give the guy some credit.

I hate Tony Romo, but if the dude played in an NFC title game, had 3 TDs, 0 turnovers, and managed the game against one of the most feared teams in the league, I'm going to put my personal dislike, hate or whatever you wanna call it, and give dude ALL THE CREDIT HE DESERVES.

I'm not going to think of past posts, where I said differently, and attempt to save face by making additional points that are logical fallacies or just straight up wrong, all because my insecure about having lost an argument over the fu*king internet on a message board.

Really guy?

I've just said too much on this tonight and whatever being right on many points or not, it's obvious most of you aren't going to believe in this guy until he wins 17 SuperBowls, so it's whatever.

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