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Default Re: NFL Playoffs GT: Conference Finals

Originally Posted by Legend of Josh
Sometimes you make good points man, but I'm just to the point of thinking you must be a Flacco "hater" to watch this game and not at least say "OK, he's looking like he could be a damn good quarterback who fits Baltimore extremely well and based on their franchise success lately, this might just be a damn good combination (speaking of Flacco and Ravens).

You cut out the part of my post where I gave him credit. He made the throws, he capitalized on their mistakes, won and made Brady look bad in comparison. I'm just not going to go out of my way to give a position that already gets waaay too much credit even more credit (unless it's deserved).

Rewind a few years, and Eli Manning was considered the most overrated QB by a handful of experts/fans/etc and after he rose to the occasion those same FOR NO REASON haters suddenly STFU.

I'm one of the people who still says that Eli gets too much credit, as well. I'm not on the Eli bandwagon at all. Some go around saying, "ZOMG, Eli is the most clutchiest QB eVAR!!!1!ONE!!1!" I say the Packers played so poorly that anyone could have won that game against them. What about the defense stepping up in the playoffs? What about Nicks? What about Cruz? What about Eli's previous postseason where he stunk it up against the Eagles and they got booted in the 1st round? What about Tyree being the player who made that incredible helmet catch with outplaying Harrison for the ball? Also, let's not forget Samuel dropped an interception on the play before. But no, it's all, "Eli won that game with his clutchy clutchness!!!" I mean, I'll give him credit for avoiding the sack on that play, but how about we give Tyree some effing credit, too? Samuel makes that interception and is anyone talking about how clutch Eli was? He was lucky in that game, not clutch.
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